Everybody's family, Harry & Marge, 1995 to 2008

Marge and Harry Greenberg


Elderly couple Marge (1921?–2003) and Harry Greenberg (1919–2008) adored living at Ardoch and the warmth they radiated provided the glue for the community. This made them favourites with many of the other residents.

The couple were a constant presence whether they were sitting outside enjoying cups of tea in the garden or wandering around with books. Fellow resident, Leah Boulton, remembers the Greenbergs inviting people into their apartment and that – to her and others – they felt like family.

She wasn’t the only one who felt this way. An anonymous commentator on one of Harry’s blog posts remembered the Greenbergs’ style and flair. ‘When I close my eyes I visualise Marge weeding the garden in the communal area, Harry at his desk and work studio painting, Marge knitting and sewing and embroidering. No wonder everyone loved to visit the Greenbergs …’[1]

The couple purchased their ground-floor apartment in 1995 when the complex was being redeveloped. Harry, describing his home, wrote in his blog: ‘There’s no traffic noise, but trams, trains and buses are close by; there’s splendid satisfying serenity; wonderful, friendly and unobtrusive neighbours; a heated swimming pool, gymnasium and sauna just 100 metres from my front door. It’s so close to everything, which all combines to make Ardoch quite ideally unique.’ [2]

By the time the Greenbergs moved to Ardoch, they had retired, but this didn’t mean they weren’t busy. Harry took up drawing and painting once he retired. Marge had always been interested in sewing, embroidery and patchwork. In 1973, as a birthday present for a niece, the pair worked together to create a piece of art. Harry drew an image on a canvas and Marge embroidered some of the picture, leaving some areas for Harry to paint. They continued to create art this way for the next 30 years, creating images of bird life, landscapes, fashion, portraits, nautical scenes, rural scenes and historical events. Many of their artworks were exhibited at the Jewish Museum and Gallery in 2007.[3]

The couple were acutely aware of their descendants and were proud of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Harry Greenberg painted a number of boxes – both large and small – with images of ships on the lids to leave as a legacy for each of their descendants.

When Marge passed away in 2003, it was a loss not only for Harry and their family but for the whole community.

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