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Welcome to Ardoch Village Stories, a collection of stories, photos and memories from the rich and spicy history of Ardoch, a unique heritage-listed residential estate, located in East St Kilda.

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Ardoch as a school

During the 1980s, Ardoch was a high school operated by the Victorian Education Department. One of a small group of ‘alternative’ schools at the time, it became more like a home for some students, with its old-style buildings and extensive gardens. 

In the early 1990s, it was the one of the first of the schools sold off by the Kennett government, despite a spirited campaign to save it. Under the auspices of the Urban Land Authority, it was redeveloped back into what it was originally – private residences.

Ardoch School

About us

This project has been developed and paid for by a small group of Ardoch residents, whose love of this place and the people in it prompted them to create a space in which the many stories of Ardoch’s past and present can be gathered.

For the enjoyment of those lucky enough to live here now, and for the benefit of those who may do so in generations to come.

Dr Meredith Doig, Convenor.
About us

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